SAR Specialized Equipment

What are some of the specialty tools used in Underwater Search and Rescue?

Some of our gear is made by our team for specific uses in our work. Examples of this gear are:

  • Six Foot Buddy Line: Used to keep buddy teams together in low visibility.
  • Ringed Search Line: Used for low visibility circular searches. Line between rings works out to be length of an arm sweep.
  • Wrist Bungee with Snap: Used to clip in to a line on a straight line search. Enables diver stay on a line hands free and to disengage when necessary.
  • Double Ended Snap: Multipurpose- an indispensable part of a public safety diver's search gear.
  • Mini Mother: Anchor point for circular search patterns.
  • 100' Search Line: 1/4" polypro line, marked in ten foot increments, useful for a variety of search patterns.
  • Perimeter Marker: Used as a place marker on circular search patterns.
  • Area Marker: Used as a sign that area has been searched. Once deployed, Mini-Mother can be removed and used on new area.

What Does The Gear Look Like?

Here are some of the tools and equipment that we work with:

Illustrations by Larry Butgereit and Karen Giles-Buell. Photos courtesy of Les Meredith and Charlie Curtis