You can make a difference. 

When an emergency threatens our community response time is critical and having the right people in the right places is imperative.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Underwater Search and Rescue Team is seeking qualified volunteer SCUBA divers to add to our interest list who are skilled, reliable, and willing to volunteer their time, resources, and efforts in a commitment to service to others.

Candidates must demonstrate mastery of advanced SCUBA diving skill by successfully completing our formal application process and the training program through our Training Academy to be eligible for team membership consideration.

Training Academies are comprised of an intensive 90 hours of classroom, confined water, and open water instruction and have a course fee. Classes are held on Friday nights and Sunday mornings (excepting holidays). Academy courses are held based on our internal staffing needs and tend to occur every 3-5 years. Candidates are required to complete the entire Academy course with zero absences to be eligible for the team.

You can view paperwork and equipment requirements related to our Academy by clicking here. Team sign-ups and membership are restricted to adults who live in Ventura County, California only.

After successful completion of the course, the team votes on whether to accept the new candidates. If accepted, the new SCUBA divers are placed on probationary status for one year, until additional specialized training is completed. Mandatory team training sessions take place the second Sunday of each month. Probationary SCUBA divers are required to attend all sessions to achieve active status.


If you would like to be considered for our next Academy please fill out this form:

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Phone Number
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We are only able to accept applicants who physically live in Ventura County, California.
Certification Level
What is the highest level of SCUBA-related certification that you currently possess?
How many total lifetime dives have you completed?
Why do you want to join the team? What do you hope to contribute as a volunteer? What skills and or abilities do you have that would lend themselves to service within our team and/or department?
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Do you understand and accept that by submitting this form your personal information and application may be shared within the Dive Team and/or the Ventura County Sheriff's Department? If you do NOT agree do NOT send in an application as we will be unable to review it.
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