Helicopter Safety

Working around a helicopter soon? Follow these steps to stay safe and respect its flight crew.

When approaching or leaving helicopter:

  1. Always look for a crew chief's or pilot's signal BEFORE approaching the helicopter.
  2. Always approach or leave to the FRONT of the helicopter so that you are continually within the   pilots's or crew chief's view. (About a 45 degree angle off the front.)
  3. Approach or leave in a CROUCHED position.
  4. DO NOT RUN when approaching or leaving the helicopter.
  5. Do not carry objects above head level, thus avoiding possibility of being struck by the rotor blades.
  6. NEVER walk past the rear bulkhead.
  7. Never approach or leave the helicopter from any side where the ground is higher than the ground on which the helicopter is standing or hovering. Don't walk down slope to a helicopter or up slope away from a helicopter.
  8. Parked vehicles - vehicles and other conveyances shall be kept at a distance from the helicopter equivalent to that prescribed for persons, or greater, if the pilot or crew chief so directs.
  9. Smoking - there shall be no smoking within 100 feet of the helicopter during landing or take-off operations.
  10. Do not stand under a hovering helicopter.
  11. All persons shall stay at least 50 feet away from the helicopter rotors when rotor blades are in motion unless otherwise authorized by pilot or crew chief.
  12. Rotors lower as RPM decreases.
  13. Stay away from tail rotor at ALL times.